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Greg Mayer I am a postdoctoral fellow at Georgia Tech in Atlanta, where I develop curriculum for online math courses and programs. I recently moved to the US from Vancouver, BC, Canada, where I was a postdoctoral fellow at UBC. From time to time I update my blog, post a tweet, and update my LinkedIn profile.

Recent Projects at UBC

The Infinite Series Module

I developed a website on infinite series for first year calculus students in a range of undergraduate level courses using WordPress and MediaWiki.

Probability Module

I set-up and authored content for a website for a large Calculus II course that offers students with reference material on probability, as their textbook does not cover this material that they are expected to know.

The Pre-Calculus Program

I delivered an on-line pre-calculus program for first year students to help prepare them for a differential calculus course. The entire program was delivered in ALEKS. I helped compose a TLEF funding proposal that was accepted for funding to further improve the program.

Recent Volunteer Projects

Having recently moved to Atlanta, I am currently looking for projects to volunteer for. But while I was living in Vancouver last year, I was able to find time for some volunteer website design.

Es Artes

I helped a theatre project in El Salvador re-develop its website. The project is a collaboration with a theatre school, Es Artes, and the Stratford Shakespeare Festival.

Canadian Association for Food Studies

I helped redesign the website for CAFS, a Canadian association of researchers working at universities as well as public and community based organizations that share their findings on diverse issues dealing with food security concerns.